An affectionate scarf

TapTap is a scarf that can record, distribute and play back affectionate touch for emotional therapy.


Based on haptic devices, taptap can be re-configured to record and play back the touch that is most meaningful to each user. It is made from felt in two layers: one grey one that faces the public and a pink layer that touches you and contains the haptic modules in specially designed pockets. Taptap can be worn as a regular scarf, and custom touch modules can be placed in powered pockets within to record and play back touch where and when you want it.

Three kinds of touch can be played back: the pressure of touch, the warmth of contact and the percussion of a friendly tap. You can record these sensations by placing the record/playback modules in the pockets of the scarf where they receive power.

To play touch back, place the modules where you want to feel the touch and wrap the scarf around yourself tightly.

Movie showing wmmna’s favourite model interacting with the scarf on the website. PDF.

Developed by Leonardo Bonanni, Jeff Lieberman, Cati Vaucelle and Orit Zuckerman.

The project is part of the second Seamless fashion show, to be held on February 1, at the Boston Museum of Science.

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