System-77 Civil Counter Reconnaissance

The Security section of Transmediale exhibition examines “Technology for security”, the one used to fight “evil”.

MAKROLABS-77CCR (System-77 Civil Counter-Reconnaissance) offers a solution to arm independent observers. It is an urban counter-surveillance system for ground controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and airborne drones that monitor our public space.


“The increasing privatization of security asks for solutions towards transparency and a balance of power. To allow for equilibrium of skills in surveillance and a broad education of the public in control technologies, access to a technology for the people seems necessary. In respect to abuse of civil and human rights defensive public intelligence is well advised to use advanced techniques of crime mapping and spatial representation of conflict.
Recent public conflicts have made it clear that technology for independent monitoring of operations is necessary for staying on top of developments and news but also for issues of legal procedures and court cases.”