Spaghetti Westerns trailers

Spaghetti Westerns trailers. But also commercials influenced by SW, bloopers, posters (check also these ones), guns, etc.


Just read on wikipedia that the name led to other non-US westerns being associated with food and drink: chorizo/paella Western are used for similar films financed by Spanish capital; “Noodle Western” describes the parody made about a noodle restaurant; Roberto Rodriguez‘s Westerns have been called “Burrito Westerns;” sometimes Hrafn Gunnlaugsson‘s Viking movies are called “Cod Westerns”; German Westerns of the 1960s are often called “Kraut Western”… Apparently Time magazine even dubbed the wonderful animated TV series Samurai Jack a “sashimi Western.”

Via Bibi’s Box. Image from Tre Ragazzi d’Oro.