Solidarity through mobile phone

8 Spanish ONGs* and Vodafone are launching Movilaridad, a service to encourage solidarity via SMS and MMS.

There are three ways to help:

– Donating. By sending an SMS to 5280 + the code of the selected ONG (e.g. ai for Amnesty International, gr for Greenpeace, etc.), the 0,9 € + IVA that the message costs – a Premium rate set by Vodafone Spain to promote the initiative – will be entirely donated to the corresponding ONG. In return, the user gets an SMS with a key to get a solidarity wallpaper for its computer.

– Mobilization. This service allows the user to firm ONG petitions via SMS. This time again, the user sends the code of the ONG but he also adds the text corresponding to the petition he has selected and his own name. His firm is then registered.

– Download of solidarity postcards. The user selects a postcard on the website, texts the code of the organization, and the number of the postcard to get a message allowing him to download the postcard on his mobile phone.

*Amnistía Internacional, Ayuda en Acción, Cruz Roja Española, Entreculturas, Greenpeace, Manos Unidas, Plan España and Save the Children.

From El Mundo.