Smart motorbike helmet

Piers Tucker, a 24 year-old British graduate from Brunel design school has created a GPS-fitted motorbike helmet that displays information about speed , meaning that drivers do not have to take their eyes off the road to monitor their speed.


The helmet, inspired by the “Head Up Display” systems used by fighter pilots, features a small display unit (2.5cm x 2cm), which has an LCD screen and can be seen to the left of the wearer’s peripheral vision.

It displays the speed at which the motorbike is traveling, whether the bike has its indicators on, and what gear the bike is in.

Inside the display unit is a GPS chip, which measures the movement of the bike in nautical speed and converts it into a miles-per-hour reading. It then projects it on to a screen within the helmet.

Tuckers believes the system could also be adopted by parachute jumpers and slalom skiers and could eventually replace the need for dials on a motorbike dashboard.

From CNN, via Wired.
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