Smart carpets

German firms Vorwerk Teppichwerke and Infineon Technologies have created a “Thinking Carpet”, equipped with sensors that can control a whole range of functions.


A self-organising network of microchips integrated into the flooring can register several sensory signals and analyse them correspondingly.

For instance, pressure sensors can send an alarm as soon as people enter a security zone. The software can analyse the signals individually. Thus an alarm is triggered, say, only when traces of movement commence on a window, but not at free-access entrances. Pressure sensors in the carpet can also be utilised as door-openers and light switches, or as electronic counters for people.

Besides, temperature sensors are able to sport a fire alarm, control the climate, making it possible, say, to regulate humidity.

In combination with LED modules, the carpet can turn into a controllable guidance system: light-emitting diodes in the carpet could mark the way to an emergency exit. The combination of different sensory functions (pressure, temperature and motion) can enable the detection of people lying motionless on the floor, triggering a call for emergency help.

Via PhysComp Notes Inteletex.

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