Six String Sonics, The

Six String Sonics, The, by Gil Kuno, can be seen as a huge guitar played by six musicians, each responsible for one string. This “guitar” produces unique sound that is hard to produce by using regular guitars.

Instead of stringing one guitar with 6 strings, we have created 6 single string guitars which will be played by 6 people.

[Six String Sonics, The]

Since there will be 6 hands manning the strings, the group is capable of reaching many more chords and melodies. Here are just a few examples of compositions by Six String Sonics, The …

It’s probably best to listen to the music produced by using this instrument (demo1, demo2, demo3). There’s also a video clip. It’s played by cool Japanese indie artists.

Nowadays, any instruments can be “played” on computers, which gives me the feeling that all musical instruments in the world are converging into a small box. Six String Sonics, The, in contrast, decomposes and expands a personal instrument into a social/collaborative space.

This work also won an award at Japan Media Art Festival.