Electroshock jacket

Shilpi Vaish and Kumar Roshan, stuadents at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (in Kolkata, India), have designed a jacket that gives an electric shock to anyone who tries to molest the wearer.


The gament hides a nine-volt battery, a wire mesh and an electric circuit with a switch at the waistband. The electric device weighs 450 gms and can be easily removed from the jacket.

“Violence against women in the society provoked us to design some garment that could make a woman self-sufficient and well-equipped to protect herself,” says Vaish. “We wanted the knowledge and technical know-how that NIFT imparted to us to be put to good use.”

A survey found that 99 per cent of the women questioned in Kolkata favoured such a protective garment and according to criminal procedure code, wearing it would be legal. The students hope to make it available on the market in the near future.

Via Popgadget.
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