Time to vote for those Bloggies

The voting phase of Medgadget‘s 2005 Medical Weblog Award has started (surprisingly, wmmna was nominated in the Best Medical Technologies/Informatics Category). The award page is worth a look if you want to discover some excellent health-related blogs.

Shall i be the only one who’s not begging the readers to vote for me at the Bloggies 2006? No, no, no.

There’s still no category for art blogs, so i suggest to pack other categories with arty blogs.


Best Australian weblog: information aesthetics and 1+1=3.
Best Asian: PingMag and pulog1.
Best African/Middle Eastern: Sensory impact.
Best European: well… i’m Belgian and live in Italy. But i also like Generator.x
Best British or Irish blog: Ektopia and dataisnature.
Best latin American: Mira!, Ponchorama and Bibi’s box.
Best American: MAKE, networked_performance and wooster collective.
Best technology: RFID in Japan, Pasta and vinegar, MAKE and me, me, me!
Life-time achievement: Emily Turettini.
Best topical: RFID in Japan, generator.x and petistic.
Best group: Archinect and rhizome.
Best kept-secret blog: organism, Bldgblog, las insolitas aventuraz del pez and petistic.
Best new blog: MAKE.
Best blog: pulog1.

With a big thank to Geoff Manaugh for having encouraged me to try (again) to be nominated at the Bloggies.