Seven Years of Love as Art

Elizabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle were angry when the California Supreme Court stopped gay weddings just one day before their scheduled marriage appointment at city hall.


So the pair embarked on the Seven Years of Love as Art performance.
They will not only be married once but that will do so each year till December 17, 2011 despite governmental prohibitions, censorship, and discrimination.

Each year will be based on a chakra and begin with a wedding. Their first wedding via a live web cast was on Saturday, December 18, 2004. Fluxus artist Geoffrey Hendrix officiated their vows.

The theme of the wedding was “security” and the chakra color was RED. They gathered with a few friends and family in a small performance space in Manhattan. Next wedding will be in San Francisco. It will be orange and its theme will be sexuality.

Via networked_performance.