Self-healing paint for Nissan cars

Nissan has invented a transparent vehicle body paint that repairs scratches on its own. Even if the car is attacked with a Y10 coin the paint should be able to cope with the damage. Within about a week, the paint will repair the scratch. “Of course, you could speed the whole process up by pouring some warm water over the affected area — that would probably repair it in a matter of minutes,” explained a spokeperson.


The thickness of the coating is about the same as a normal coat of paint, which means that it will repair scratches made to that depth.

The Scratch Guard Coat will soon be making its debut on the roads of Japan. The company will be offering the special paint as an option on its X-Trail SUV before deciding whether to use the product on its range of cars.

Japan’s obsession with cleanliness has sent other corporations in a similar direction. Asahi Glass has produced a self-cleaning window, and Panasonic has produced an air-conditioner in which a miniature robot patrols, collecting dust.

Via The Times and news3yen.