Wearable space for screaming

ScreamBody, by design engineer and artist Kelly Dobson (the one who designed Blendie), is a wearable space for screaming.


Whenever you need to scream but are in the office, or in any situation/place where it is just not appropriate, ScreamBody acts as a surrogate lung that allows you to transfer the scream out of your body and into a body extension.

It silences any kind of utterances and records them: the vocalizations are played back out of ScreamBody when you squeeze them out, the harder the squeeze, the louder the recordings are played out. This act of release is important because to simply silence the scream would be to annihilate the deep communication and would leave the person feeling betrayed by the apparatus, rather than empowered and encouraged to get their voice into the world. It is hoped that after enough use, a person will no longer need ScreamBody but will instead be able to vocalize without fear or embarrassment.

ScreamBody is the first in a series of Wearable Body Organs.