Sound glove

Saturday, by Chicago-based artist Sabrina Raaf, is a sound based artwork that participants experience through a glove.


WIth walkie talkies, CB radios, and other forms of consumer spy technology, Raaf harvested communication leaks of private conversations held by the community of Humboldt Park, Chicago.

She mixed communications between gang members, late night sex talk, women singing out their windows, the ice cream carts, etc. to create a portrait in sounds that literally drips from users’ fingertips in the Saturday artwork.

To hear the audio, participants have to press their fingertips to their forehead and they can hear the sound without the use of their ears. The glove is outfitted with “bone transducers” which translate sound into vibration patterns which resonate through bone. No sound at all is heard by anyone but the participant at any time.

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