Sanitary bar

Bar counters and sanitary furnitures both have the ability to survive the corrosive effects of liquids. Drouth (“thirst” in Scottish), designed by Glasgow-based Nord, is a bar assembled from ceramic components usually associated with hospitals, mortuaries and public toilets.


Urinal stall dividers line the front of the counter while urinal back slabs support the structure. Bathroom drains at the corner of the bar ensure liquid runoff The channel (a graded urinal trough) runs around the edge of the bar and will contain ice to chill drinks. In the central area five solid Belfast sinks are used to wash glasses and to store and chill bottles. For added bathroom effect, continuous flow of chilled water drains from the ice channel and passes through the bar to cool drinks.

Not every element comes from the toilet. Inspiration for the form of the bar comes from a mortuary slab to emphasize an idea of hygiene.