Rubik is back

I usually don’t pay much attention to mobile phone games. But it looks as if the old games revival we’ve been seing over the past few weeks, will make me change my mind.

I’m not proud to confess I have never ever managed to master the Rubik’s cube.

O2’s new version of the irritating cube will give us the opportunity to “revive the 80’s” (and remind me I’m not 20 anymore). With this version, there won’t be any possibility for me to remove the stickers and pretend I am a Rubik genius, but O2 has included a guide on how to solve the game.

In addition to Rubik’s Cube, O2 has added other retro games for mobile, such as Space Invaders, Pac Man and Tetris.

O2 games cost from £1.50 to £5 each to download and you can play it as many times as you like.


Via Web-user.
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