Robots at the world expo 2005

The upcoming 2005 world expo in Aichi (March 25 – September 25) will be a showcase of Japan’s technologies and robotic culture.

A team of working robots will clean floors during the night, guide visitors (speaking Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean), collect and replace garbage bins, etc. Some will even play games with kids, recognizing each child through their personal identification and voice identification functions and they will also mediate calls with parents in distant locations.


The prototype robot exhibition, on June 9-19, will feature 63 prototypes. Among them: a six-legged walking robot, an artistic robot, a robot that decorates ceramic tableware and drinkware, a mysterious partner robot with artificial tongue, a snow-plowing robot, etc.

Then the robot station , that looks like a gigantic playground, will be the place where robots undergo maintenance and interact with visitors.

I want to gooooo!

Via designboom.