Wildflower Meadow Glacier

robot clothesWildflower Meadow Glacier is an autonomous robotic sculpture that plants flowers and monitors local climate change and CO2 levels.
The robot, a series of five translucent cubes, operates autonomously on solar power. It moves at an imperceptibly slow rate and records carbon dioxide levels in the local atmosphere. The WMG1 then documents this environmental data by planting patterns and species of flora in the earth left in its wake.

The robot is a prototype for a large sculpture idealized for Central Park’s Wildflower Meadow. The glacier inches forward imperceptibly while recording CO2 levels with seeds. Over the course of decades, the glacier transforms the meadow into a living chart of climate change.

At Eyebeam, Nov. 19: 12-2pm – Exhibition and presentation of work by robot clothes (via networked_performance)