Robot security guards

At Aichi World Expo, measures against terrorist attacks are a priority: 3,000 policemen will be joined by 1,000 private guards and by eight security robots who will guide visitors by day and patrol by night.

Ligurio, a prototype security robot produced by Japanese robot maker Tmsuk, can move at a maximum speed of 7km per hour and recognize a stranger 50m away even at night, using microwave sensors.


The robot is equipped with a voice warning system and two folded arms that can grab explosives or lethal chemical containers and remove them to safe places.

In a demonstration, the 150cm robot removed a fake explosive, saying: “A dangerous object was found. It will be removed.”

The image of a robot on guard could become increasingly common, as Japan is one of the world’s most aging societies with a potential labor shortage looming.

Via BigBlog Robotics Taipei Times.