Responsive video jewellery

Medulla Intimata , created by Tom Donaldson and Tina Gonsalves, explores how video can be made more intimate by embedding it in jewellery.

Video displayed on the jewellery screen is generated in real-time in response to the wearer’s emotional state by monitoring the dynamics of conversations in which they are engaged.


From a distance, the jewellery appears lush and full of light, dynamic. Only as you approach do you notice the video screen, and then become aware that your interactions with the wearer are changing the video.

Medulla Intimata is about vulnerability as it opens up the wearer to scrutiny and continual observation.

Medulla Intimata is currently part of ISEA 2004 Wearable Experience Symposium. And will also be displayed at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London on the 10th, 17th and 24th September 2004.

Via Hideous Pursuit.