Random Generation

lust1.jpgIn The Hague, Dutch graphic designers LUST are celebrating their 10th anniversary with an exhibition at contemporary art platform TAG. They present their decade of work in an “an interactive visual catalogue that explores new ways of archiving. The exhibition is not primarily aimed at summing up, it strives to highlight the actual process of design in which failure and success exist side by side. It addresses the issue of data storage, access, exchange and modification that has become increasingly relevant in the digital age”.

The visual catalogue actually consists of a 2m by 1m touchscreen and an archive of boxes with RFID-tags attached to them. When you place a box on the screen the related items within the box will be shown on the screen. When you place another box on top of the first one the info combines and so on. With this experiment in archiving, LUST also want to give a nod to Paul Otlet, lust2.jpgthe great pioneer of data accessibility who in 1910 founded the Mundaneum in Brussels, as an archive of humanity’s collective intellectual capital, made accessible by a system allowing users to find data to the most specific level.

Today and tomorrow there’s also a workshop by David Reinfurt and on Saturday the 24th, LUST and Luna Maurer will take participants on a “rhizomatic city tour” in The Hague. Get in touch with TAG for both events.

Exhibition through March 31st.