A field of inflatable rabbits

Rabbit Field is an infestation of inflatable rabbit-like forms, filling the space and inviting tactile interaction. Each rabbit is self inflating using a computer fan, and can sense its internal pressure state by monitoring its fan speed. If a rabbit is squeezed, and partially deflated, the rabbits around it respond by deflating themselves. And a wave of deflation ripples out from the squeezed centre.


The physical response of the white, simple forms deflating and inflating in rhythm evokes a feeling of breathing shapes. In the course of the installation, the number of rabbits grows to intensify the overall wave-like response with time, and add a feeling of unstoppable breeding and impending critical mass.

The sensors and actuators in the fans used for inflation, allow the inflated objects to be linked across a table or across the globe with the same responsive qualities. By connecting the entire field of forms into a network of sensors and output media, interactions between viewer and inflatable are further displayed and amplified as deflation data is passed from one rabbit to the next.

By Ben Dalton.