Quit smoking with SMS

The Spanish claim to have found a new system based on SMS to help people quit smoking. Called “El Placer de Dejar de Fumar” (EPDF “The Pleasure to Stop Smoking”), the method works as follows:

You chose a day to stop the fags and a week before that D-Day, you send an SMS to 5870 each time you light a cigarette. The system sends back text messages singing the praises of a non-smoking life. On the morning of D-Day, an another kind of messages gives you tips to overcome anxiety or the urge to smoke.

During one year, the service will send you incouraging messages each time you need support. It costs 90 euro (the amount spent on cigarettes in one month, according to EPDF) + the price of the SMS 0,15�.
Found in Noticias.
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