Pronto? I’m Almost There

In-car navigation and communication systems remain unconnected to each other, and entering addresses or phone numbers into them takes time, involves referring manually to one’s device and can divert attention from driving.

Pronto? I’m Almost There, by Oznur Ozkurt, is a very nifty project that synchronizes communication and navigation devices for in-car use.


As you get into your vehicle, Pronto synchronises wirelessly with the digital address and appointment books in your PDA, phone or laptop, thus learning the location and contact person of your destination. It plans the route, offers traffic updates, and adjusts its communication channel to give priority to the destination contact, later scheduled contacts, and your frequent contact list. So, without having to use an address book or search menus, you can phone the people you probably need to contact during the journey.

The interface includes a touch-screen, head-up projection onto the windscreen, and a dashboard-mounted progress bar.

By comparing your appointment time with your current location and speed, Pronto can also automatically warn your contact that you may be late and estimate your arrival time.