Postopolis DF – Kumbia Queers

First dispatch from Postopolis! DF. The Live Stream of our presentations and discussions broadcasts daily according to the schedule of Postopolis! DF. Today we kick off at 4 pm in Mexican local time (GMT -6).


Yesterday was day 1 of the event. The courtyard of the museum El Eco filled up quite quickly with stylish people, free beers and bottles of that fluo filthy vitamin drink were distributed, rain did its best to spoil the party but failed miserably. Each of the bloggers who will host the discussions over the coming days presented their work. Except me, i woke up that day with no desire to do yet another presentation of wmmna. Instead i had this urge of giving a crash course on my beloved and absurd country. I called it “Belgium for Dummies.”


The speakers we had invited to take the floor after us were as different as chalk and chocolate. The first one was architect Fernando Romero whom i guess i don’t need to present. The second speaker was Ali Gadorki.

She was invited and presented by Daniel Hernandez who writes Intersections, an awesome blog that dissects and maps sub-cultures in Mexico city. Ali is a founding member of the female band Las Ultrasonicas. She now leads the Kumbia Queers, another all-ladies group which mixes influences from punk and Cumbia, a musical style and folk dance that is considered to be representative of Colombia. Now mixing these two is considered an heresy by most people in the punk and the metal communities. It nevertheless works wonderfully. Chica de calendario and its explicit lyrics are now playing in loop on my laptop.

Kumbia Queers, Chica de calendario

Kumbia Queers, Que no quede huella

Photo on the homepage: credit Domus.