New news of the world

wmmna has a new sponsor until the end of May: the Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. A couple of cool projects by students include: Jee Hyun OhGORI Node Garden, Farmer Brown’s Journal, Browse, etc.

GORI_Dana002.jpgGORI.Node Garden

This morning i’m going to Geneva to attend a workshop organised by two guys i like a lot, Nicolas and Julian. It’s called blogjects and it’s about objects that blog and this exemplify the Internet of Things, i.e. a network of tangible, mobile, chatty things enabled by the miniaturization, the ubiquity of consumer electronics and a pervasive Internet.

On Thursday i’ll be speaking at LIFT06.

Then i’m off to Berlin for Transmediale. Oh! and i’ll be flat hunting. So if you’ve heard of a free house/apartment for two person and two dogs in an area with parcs and gardens, drop me a line, i really need help.

Last hours to vote at the Bloggies.