Portable earth player

Jens Brand‘s G-Player (Global player) works like a CD-player. But instead of playing CDs, it plays the globe. The device knows the postion of more than a thousand satellites and enables you, by the use if a virtual 3D planetary model, to listen to an imaginary trace of a selected flying object.

2gpod.jpgSonaMatica was showing the portable version of the G-Player which is unsurprisingly called g-Pod. Select one satellite on the menu (400 satellite orbits are available) and the device will analyse in real time the topographical profile of the region that satellite is flying over at the moment. gPod/G-Player will then translate this data into sound. Oceans have no sound, flat topographies produce high frequencies and mountains regions low ones.

If you have an old i-pod that you want to get rid of, Brand might modify it for you with their “satnav” application.

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