Pocket-sized computer ‘soul’ developed

Personal computers could soon fit entirely on a key ring. Researchers at IBM have developed the SoulPad system to carry a powerful, personalised virtual computer from one PC to the next, without losing the user’s work.

The virtual computer is stored on a USB key, or any portable device with substantial storage space, like an MP3 player. The virtual computer’s “soul” can then be uploaded to another PC by plugging the portable device in. This host machine needs no special software or even a network connection to take on an entirely new personality.


The SoulPad system does not provide an instant switch, however. A user must wait a couple of minutes while the software configures the host system for use.

IBM expects other devices, such as cellphones, to be launched with large storage capacity in the near future which would be able to carry SoulPad.

Video demo.

Via New Scientist.