Payment via mobile phone is on the increase in Spain

Payments via mobile phones should increase by 30% this year in Spain.

The journal “Información Comercial Española”, issued by the Spanish Ministry of Economy forecasts that 4 millions Spaniards will rely on their mobile phone to shop.

It is believed that among the factors that explain the growing success of this way of spending are the facts that:
– many consumers do not trust “plastic money”, the use of credit cards to make payments over Internet. M-payments are more secured since the identification of the user is safer, while there is no need to provide personal details,
– m-payment attracts those who have no bank account (such as young people), since “mobile shopping” can be made on a pre-paid basis or via the phone bill.
– the system allows micro-payments (less than 10 euros),
– m-payment could be particularly useful for business where mobility is a key factor such as taxi or delivery of goods at home.

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