Off to Amsterdam

I’m in Amsterdam until Tuesday evening. Tonight, i’ll be at the Mediamatic Salon. The programme is quite exciting: Hehe will present their reverse engineering projects, students from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy will talk about the games they developed for Playtime, a project based on the idea that all situations are potential spaces for play and interaction and artists Brian McKenna and Robyn Moody will try to contact their “recently departed” friend, Denton Fredrickson, by opening a communication channel to “the other side”.


On Tuesday, i’ll be at the RFID & the Internet of Things workshop, still at Mediamatic. Looking forward to meet or see again other speakers: Matthew Karau (former researcher at MIT MediaLab), Heiko Hansen, Matthijs Kouw from the University of Amsterdam, Malcom McCullough and Rob van Kranenburg.

Anyone has an idea of what that structure i saw last month in front of Amsterdam Central station can be?