Not sure it means good news for call centre operators

Call Centre specialist, Sabio, claims to have found a secret to curb the trend for call centres outsource to India.

By implementing intelligent content generation and voice analysis software from Audentify, Sabio reckons existing call centres can make their agents more productive. And more productive agents means that less of them are needed and therefore costs cause no headache.

Audentify monitors and records calls or emails between agents and customers and automatically delivers advanced agent assistance, analytics and detects potential problems on the spot. For example, in case of massive calls and emails complaining about a product, the management is automatically alerted to the problem. Audentify listens to the incoming call and suggests agents a series of information to help them solve a problem. Besides, the system enables cross-selling opportunities by effectively profiling customers. And, last but not least, should agents under-perform, they would automatically be sent e-learning materials.


Via The Inquirer.