Interactive tables

Nicolas has a great list of interactive tables. I’m a sucker for interactive tables and was deeply offended as he found some tables I had never heard of!

Here are some:

Philips Café Table has an interface that facilitates the use of the computer while you’re chatting with a friend over a drink. The table displays a selection of community content relevant to the café it is in and allows browsing as well as the creation of new content. Users can store content on a physical token by placing it in the ceramic bowl in the centre of the table.


The Little table, a project by Maxime Lecours at Concordia University, will be able to communicate with users on the basis of the traces they leave.

Other people would know about your previous presence, because you have left for some time your prefered object, such as a cup of coffee, a pen or a book, on the table.


Depending on the duration of that object on the table, the projection, the intensity or the general pattern of the light could be altered.

Also, different forms of light projection could be use to express the choosen kind of information. For example, a red/white projection colors would mean the person is feeling good.

Depending on how many times, and how fast you move the object, the light projection will be modulated.

The table will be able to track and move the light projection as well, following the path of the object if you move it.

Beware, Nicolas! I’ll get my revenge and come with more interactive tables.

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