Night Garden

nightgarden1.jpgMediamatic Amsterdam have transformed their exhibition space in the ground floor of the PostCS-building into a Night Garden and Micro-Green Restaurant.

Different artists have contributed works to the “sub-technical indoor garden” – Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau show their classic Interactive Plant Growing and Felix Hess built a “ballet” for air-turbulence. Mateusz Herczka specifically for Night Garden designed benches which desperse pheromones, Michael Samyn & Auriea Harvey show their non-game game The Endless Forest, while Petra Blaisse’s “Seattle Garden Carpets” grace the walls. Ralf Schreiber and Christian Faubel have their robots all over the place and visitors also get to build their own little “Light Eaters” or “Living Particles” with the help of the mediamaticians.

nightgarden2 (1).jpgPlus: Debra Solomon opened her prototype “Grow Yer Own Dang Food” sprout & mashed potato restaurant (allegedly the first one on the planet) as part of the exhibition. You can have sprouts next to soldering irons and magnifying glasses. It’s yummy, I can confirm.

At Mediamatic Amsterdam, Oosterdokskade 5. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 18h to 23h. Through January 7th 2007.