NICEBOTS are small wooden robots that drive around and learn based on situations and obstacles they encounter. They are part of an open atelier workshop / exhibition lasting a few months in Nice, France – led by some former ITP students.


By coin-operated.

The NICEBOTS project is a one-month long open studio exhibit, showcasing the construction and design of interactive robots. During the exhibition, the artists transform the gallery space into a working studio where the audience is able to observe and learn how the bots are built and interact with them in their space.

The open studio format allows for dynamic changes throughout the exhibition. By observing the audience’s interaction with the bots and the effects the bots have on the audience, we are able to make adjustments and “teach” the bots different behaviors. During the one month exhibition, the bots begin as infants, having only basic motor and sensor controls. As the show develops, additional bots will be built and their “brains” will evolve with our guidance. Unique behaviors will emerge giving each robot their personality.