New design for wmmna

Hola! I’m really happy to show off the new design of we-make-money-not-art. There are still a few glitches to fix, like tons of links not working, part of the archive is unavailable, the “Call of the moment” box still has to be placed somewhere, etc. but that should be solved before the end of the day.

Thanks a lot to Max who put aside his professional life for a couple of weeks in order to create the new layout of the blog. And thanks to Sathia for helping out with the code, the server move, the upgrade to MT4 and other problems i can’t even suspect.

There’s still a lot of pinkness around but i feel that the new design serves better the posts i keep writing longer and longer. It has more of a magazine format, with the most important article of the moment highlighted on the top even if it is not the latest post published (so you might want to scroll down for fresh news). That doesn’t mean that i see myself as an art critic, a reporter or a journalist. I can’t think of myself as anything else than a blogger. Not because of the tools i use but as time passes, i realize that what makes me so passionate about the blog is not informing you but rather sharing with you what matters to me. The selection of stories i cover are therefore submitted to my own whim, not to the ambition of covering extensively a given field of art. So, yes, apologies to anyone who finds them so so gross, but there’s still a fair amount of biotech art stories in store. Apologies again to anyone who believes that new media art should be totally separated from contemporary art. I like new media art too much to store it in a ghetto so i’ll keep on mixing painting with Processing and Artissima with Pictoplasma.

I do hope that you like the new design and the recent shift regarding the content of wmmna but i’d be glad if you could help me improve the blog by sending any suggestion, critique or remark you might have.