Neural 26 is waiting for you

0neuu56.jpgThe new Neural issue is out.

As usual there are interviews of some of the most interesting personalities of the new media art world (Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Golan Levin, Exonemo), of the hacktivism scene (Heath Bunting, Rick Silva, etc.) and of the e-music planet (John Oswald, Geir Jenssen/Biosphere and Brian Mackern).

You’ll also find reports from festivals and exhibitions and various news about what’s making the new media art/e-music/hacktivism scene buzz today. You might have read about some of them on the online version of neural, but there’s plenty more to discover in the magazine.

And reviews of books, dvd and cd-rom written by people who know what they are talking about (as opposed to haha! amateurs like me.) There’s also a centerfold Annual Checkup by Lisa Erdman.

Go and grab it in store or subscribe to the magazine.

No one has ever managed to publish anything that looks even remotely like Neural, so if you don’t know the mag yet, it’s time to catch up and get a Back Issues Pack.

Btw, Alessandro Ludovico, founder and editor of Neural will be in Amsterdam on Friday January 19th as part of a panel about Offline – Online Publishing: The Love for Print in an Age of Electronic Media. There will be a live webcast and a podcast.