need for more energy

Nokia – Featured Article

Towards energy aware system design
this article in nokia web site points out the critic topic about energy in mobile devices.
another article from thefeature focus on this.

“Manufacturers are in a complicated balancing act, trying to juggle features that users and operators want with battery life and handset size”
Without a significant advance in power technologies (batteries, fuel cells or otherwise), reducing consumption is the only solution to this problem since it’s unlikely consumers or operators would be willing to buy phones with less features than current models.”

we tend to underestimate the “power” problem. we care more about datas and info net. energy, electricity, etc is something that last generation sees as natural as trees, in a way. together with mobile infos-data we still need to improve mobile pack of energy. that “.. we have shown that power management must be addressed at the system design level rather than merely at the component level.”..