Musical cubes

Interactive designer Murat Konar ‘s loopqoob is a set of cubes allowing adults and kids whose motor skills are unsuited to traditional instruments to make music.

The sensor-equipped cubes are connected to a computer based music generation/synthesis system. The orientation of the cubes determines an aspect of the music to be played. Each face of the cube is mapped to a musical motif or loop. The cube player controls which motifs are played by orienting the devices so that the face corresponding to the desired motif is up.


Easier to understand with a look at the Video.

Konar writes that loopqoob follows on from Dominic Robson’s Piano Cubes, two simple jars filled with golden syrupthat act as controllers. When a jar is picked up a piano is heard playing a simple arpeggio. When the jar is tilted the arpeggio changes: if tilted to the left, the arpeggio goes up in pitch; to the right it drops in pitch. If the jars are tilted forwards the arpeggio speeds up and tilted back it slows down. Each jar plays its own independent arpeggio and so picking up both jars gives two separate piano lines.

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