Music from the kitchen

Staalplaat Soundsystem’s sound art installations and performances are tailored to fit their environment, and are staring home appliance.


So far, they’ve performed music composition for:
refrigerators -with transformed interiors that became sound and light theatres using matrix printers and kitchen appliances,
12 floor polishers, dancing on their own in the middle of a hall usually reserved for raves and rock concerts. On the balcony and the stage, were smaller gadgets such as coffee machines and food mixers, which commented with their own noises on the goings-on on the dancefloor.
– vacuum cleaners, plastic bottles and illuminant in a sound-light-installation called Floating Islands.
104 wash-machines hooked up to electricity and water so that everybody could do his laundry on Schlossplatz, in Berlin. The Staalplaat Sound System turned the installation into an orchestra using toy instruments, like lollipops, forks and spoons, plastic bottles, etc.


(don’t miss the MP3 compositions available on their website.)
From Coin-operated.