Moving light

As words never replace a deep experience, the only ones I have to describe Julio Le Parc’s exhibition: Luz en movimiento (Moving light) at Luis Angel Arango Library (here in Bogotá) are: WAUUU! (repeated silently in my mind forty times, the number of pieces included).

leparc_glasses.jpgMost of the works were produced during the 60’s and “represent a breakthrough with the traditional and static art manifestations of the time� (taken from the exhibition wall) by conceiving the public as part of the work and introducing basic interactive behaviors.

The luminic machines make use of very simple elements like AC motors, springs, pulleys, or public intervention, to create very complex and subtle light movements, combining optical and kinetic explorations.

One interesting fact is that none of the pieces carries a title or any supportive information and you don’t find the presence of a guide following you throughout the space (only guards reminding you that it is not allowed to take pictures), as the curator Hans-Michel Herzog decided to be faithful with the ideology of the GRAV group (Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visuel founded by Le Parc in Paris during the sixties), that sought to produce art that could be reached by everyone, without the need of any knowledge of art theory. What counted for them was the public experience.

More information about the show (in Spanish) and a few more Flickr images.

From July 25 to Octuber 15 at Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango.
Casa Republicana.

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