Wearable system of mountaineering devices

Mountaineering is “the art of moving safely in mountains”.

Still, the number of casulties is rising and amateur mountaineers need to carry around 7-9 devices for communication, navigation, emergency alerts, etc. Most of them are not even made for this extreme context and are being developed in independently from each other. Add to this the need to carry several batteries.

easytrech.jpgEasyTech SafeTrek is a system comprising modular devices (each offering a function like phoning, location or avalanche warning), a CPU “hub” linking these functions together, with or without wires, and a standardised power supply.

These elements are wearable: distributed around the body, mostly in pockets attached to a harness.

The whole system is controlled, via a single “intuitive interface protocol”, by input controls designed for mountaineering conditions, such as the operable thumb of a thermal glove (the thumb acts as a joystick). A head-mounted display is the main output monitor. The hub automatically recognises any new element added and incorporates it in the system.

For example, you can request the hub to take a photograph using the camera module, direct the GPS module to place the location on the picture and then direct the Satphone module to send the image to the your website in real time.

Or if sudden motion sensors detect that you are caught in an avalanche, the hub -using the GPS module and the Satphone module- could send your GPS location to the Emergency services.

Brought to your from the lovely mountains of Ivrea by Anurag Sehgal.