MorphoTower, by Sachiko Kodama, is a kind of a dynamic sclupture made of mysterious black fluid. It’s conceptualized as an “organic tower” and its surface is dynamically morphed into varieties of textures ranging from spiky or hairy to goose bumps.

[a sample spiral swirl of MorphoTower.]

The black substance is called magnetic fluid (see also: “Breathing Chaos“) It was first developed by NASA early 1960’s as part of their space program and today used as a seal agent for hard disk drives and semiconductor manufacturing devices.

Here’s a catalog of Kodama’s works using this substance. Don’t miss the video clips [Pulsate, Protrude, Flow, Waves and Sea Urchins, Breathing Chaos, Pulsate – Melting Time, Dissolving Time]

via Magnetic Fluid Art Project “Protrude, Flow” and Digital Stadium DAF 2005