Self-heating jacket

Italian research laboratory Grado Zero Space has developed the I.O.W. (Intelligent Object to Wear), a kind of portable heating system for motorbikers, it monitors body temperatures and regulate them accordingly.

Inside the jacket lining is a microprocessor and hard disk which controls the body temperature over a series of electric heating pads.


The five pads, (at the lower back, shoulders, chest and arms) can be individually monitored to desired temperatures. The pads heat as follows:

On a strip of metal between layers of gel and covered in KEVLAR tm (bullet proof fabric), is a chip that sends impulses to the computer relaying messages on the internal body heat inside the jacket.

When the pad temperature reaches the desired level, the power tails off until required again.

The jacket, via a short cable, is attached to a pouch that houses a 12 volt supply. From this pouch runs a cable to the bike. By plugging in the cable to the bike you start the heating system. When you unplug, the batteries charged by the bike’s engine give you up to one hour of heating power.

More recently, Grado Zero Espace developed an anatomic cooling system for motorcycling that keeps the rider’s body temperature low even at high environmental temperatures. The AIS (Anatomic Intercooler System) is based on icy gel cooled water running through a serpentine placed on chest and back by a custom made anatomic vest to be worn under the suit surface, while an ultra light battery and a micro pump are inserted inside the suit hump.

Besides, the rider is able to drink while racing thanks to a bag filled by rehydrating drink also integrated in the hump and linked with the helmet.

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