Por favor, susúrrame algo al oído

More Medellin adventures!

Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi has installed a temporary dwelling at the top of the church Sagrado Corazón de Jesús (in “El Barrio Triste”, the “sad neighbourhood”), an area where all the vehicle repair workshops are located. The intervention, named Por favor, susurrame algo al oido (“Please, Whisper Something in my Ear”), consists of a room complete with furniture and TV set.


With Por favor, susúrrame algo al oído, the artist wants to “make visible the invisible”. The artist thinks that the inhabitants of the area have forgotten that there is a cross on top of the church, it is part of their everyday landscape and they don’t pay attention to it anymore. His room invites people take another look at the cross. To see it, passersby have to climb the stairs and the cross is there right in the middle of a table for them to touch and admire from up close.

0lacrizz.jpg0barriotrr.jpgLa Cruz and El Barrio Triste

Images 1 and 2 by Alejandro Tamayo. More pics on flickr. Images of other interventions by Nishi.