moo-pong is a technology that allows people to capture, share and view video images using Tangible User Interface (TUI). When a camera captures video images, they are associated with physical tokens using RFID technology.

“Users can edit and browse among moving images by dropping moo-balls into the moo-scope. Mirrors the in moo-scope produce visual effects like a kaleidoscope.”

[moo-pong was developed by researchers at Okude Lab, Keio University]

The idea of connecting video/audio with physical objects is not new. For example, Durell Bishop’s Marble Answering Machine represents incoming voice messages as marbles. Ullmer’s mediaBlocks use small wooden blocks “for the containment, transport, and control of online media” However, moo-pong‘s goal is more ambitious than any classic TUI research projects: it is designed to support people to capture, share and reflect on their captured life histories.

At this year’s RFID Journal Live, Paul Saffo, research director for the Institute for the Future said “You are in the early stages of helping build a real, new kind of media revolution.” moo-pong can be viewed as an example for thinking about such media revolution in relation to RFID Technology.

via SIGGRAPH 2005 Website