Mobile Data Users Now Representing the Mainstream

Mobile Data Users Now Representing the Mainstream

In-Stat/MDR�s Consumer Mobility Study showed that 54% of respondents currently use one or more wireless data services. In addition, other results from the firm�s survey points to very few notable differences between basic demographic characteristics of wireless data users and those of non-data users, indicating that mobile data usage is now a mainstream phenomenon across multiple demographic groups.

In-Stat/MDR has also found that:

SMS appears to be the leader among mobile data services used by survey respondents, however, Internet access services, ringtones, and mobile games all had strong showings.

as somewhere else is focused in this blog
the possibility for mobile device to be multimedia and web connected suggests us different ways of evolution.
so that we still really do not know what will happen in the mobile service mass market mainstream: if this new medium will remediate the broadcast logic (token from tv) or will be more “data oriented”, using mobile to transfer datas (like in internet).
maybe both logics will co-exist in the future of those device services.
for sure the power of those devices will be fully achieved in remediating already existing forms (such as tv or web) into new ways.

the unexpectd success of sms data exchange form is a clear and already developed service that works a exemple for future evolutions.