Mobile Communities

Danish based Imity gave a good speak at Where 2.0 about their mobile community software. Imity are not interested in Where 2.0 but Here 2.0 as Co-Founder Claus Dahl explained. By using the Bluetooth capabilities in mobile phones Imity want to create a user generated community in your present location hence Here 2.0.
They showed a scan of every Bluetooth device at the conference on a slide and stating that information for the persons behind the T-610’s and 6230’s mobile phones is currently not available.
The Imity software can utilize the Bluetooth signal to establish a list of people within a 10 meter radius, so social interaction becomes possible within a place. You can message people using the same software within the vicinity and hereby allow you to meet people in a new way.
And even if you have your phone kept away, a plugin feature for MySpace or OpenBC among others saves the data of people passing by, so the next time browsing MySpace you can be lucky to get a notification that you have passed this person at this place and when.
The UI allows you to view who’s in the room right now and the personal history of each person you have met, so you can see when you had the last interaction with a certain person or you could make a note of the situation or a person by bookmaking.
They are signing beta testers right now, so hurry up if you want it.