Mikro Walden

walden1.jpg In the midst of the current Berlin art-fair craze, at Walden gallery opened an exhibition by Ralf Schreiber and Martin Kuentz which in German you’d describe as klein, aber fein. Ralf, probably best known for his Living Particles, specializes in “minimal robotics”. His very simple circuits which often are powered by solar cells or hooked up to other instable properties have a very delicate unpredictability about them from which they draw a surprising amount of animatedness. Building robots that generate chirping sounds or tiny movements, he has already created whole eco-systems which he then also put into the open, yielding amazing results from their interplay with the organic environment.

The show also includes one of Ralf’s acclaimed workshops (an Artbots all-time favorite), from today to Friday, people can just drop by at the gallery after 4 pm and start to build their own pieces with the help of the artists. No knowledge in electronics required, they even brought lots of parts.

Through October 6th at Walden, Kastanienallee 86.