MIDI controller sock puppet

I spent the morning at the Royal College of Arts to see the work in progress show of the Interaction design students. It closes tomorrow at 6 p.m. if you’re around, phone your boss that you’re feeling unwell and go go go.

Loads of stuff, won’t be able to blog everything i liked.
Anyway, let’s start with the funniest experience of all. Matthew Irvine Brown‘s Puppetry.


You put on a red MIDI controller sock puppet and pick a track number from a list shown on the computer. A flexible variable resistor in the mouth allows you to move up and down a scale (blues, harmonic minor, pentatonic, chromatic, whatever) and volume simply by opening and closing the mouth. You open and close the puppet to make it sing higher, lower, softer or louder. But always in a hilarious tone.

Irvine’s website has video (1 and 2).