Microwave weapons to be used by US troops on Iraq rioters

Non-lethal microwave weapons, also called Active Denial System , are to be issued to American troops in Iraq as concern mounts over the growing number of civilians killed in fighting.

Using technology similar to that found in a your microwave oven, the beam rapidly heats water molecules in the skin to cause intolerable pain and a burning sensation. The invisible beam has a range of one kilometre and penetrates the skin to a depth of less than a millimetre. As soon as the target moves out of the beam’s path, the pain disappears.


The weapons could be used to scatter large crowds and will be fitted to vehicles called Sheriffs.

Sheriffs will also be fitted with Gunslinger, a rapid-fire gun currently under development that will detect enemy snipers and automatically fire back at them.

If the Sheriffs prove successful, their use will be expanded in combat zones, at ports and air force bases, and could take part in border patrols.

Via The Telegraph.