Meet the blog readers

Many advertisers think bloggers and their readers are young geeks with no money and nothing to do. Blogads, a Web ad network, surveyed over 17,000 blog readers in hopes of changing that perception.

They found that blog readers are older and richer than many people suppose. 61% are over 30, and 75% earn more than $45,000 a year.
In fact, nearly 30% are between 31 and 40, and over 37% are over 40. And nearly 40% have a household income of $90,000 or higher.

Half of them have spend money online buying books, plane tickets or contributing to a cause or candidate.

A full 67% of respondents said they have clicked on a blog ad, 39.4% of them donated money, and 22.3% purchased a product or service.

Although they are biased toward the Internet, blog readers suck up information from other sources: 65% subscribe to an information magazine.

Divided on so much else, blog readers appear united in their dissatisfaction with conventional media and their love of blogs:
82% of them say that television is worthless or only somewhat useful as a source of news and opinion. 55% say the same about print newspapers.

86% declare that blogs are either useful as sources of news or opinion: they feature news they can’t find elsewhere, a better perspective, faster news and more honesty.


Now let’s hope advertisers hear the message.

From e-marketer.
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